The internet uproar over pink slime seems to have started as a low rumble stemming from a less-than-accurate folk horror narrative that made the email and Facebook rounds many months ago.  That particular story, which included a laundry list of titillating, ghastly assertions, including one that mechanically separated meat contained, for lack of a better description, chicken lips and assholes, could be debunked in large part with a simple search at snopes.com.

On Monday, my friend Polly informed me, via Facebook wall post, that Sarah Palin would be co-hosting the Today Show the following morning.

A round-up of high quality tweets from people in the world of film and television.

Kat Dennings:

Last weekend, my delightful friend Shelby texted me about a new tandoori powder she’d found and promised that it would “change [my] mind about Indian food.”  And here we go again.

David Lynch’s video for the title track from Crazy Clown Time (2011) is here at long last, and in it Lynch demonstrates his special gift for approximating what goes on in the mind of a patient in a vicodin funk after wisdom-teeth extraction, complete with the tiny, twisted kid-voice of your nightmares explaining precisely what you’re seeing, mohawks aflame and all.  Warning: NSFW … and possibly NSF anyone with eyes and ears.

MEGALYN ECHIKUNWOKE, co-star of writer/director Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress, began acting at fourteen when she moved from the Navajo reservation where she grew up to L.A.  Echikunwoke is known for playing Nicole Palmer in the first season of 24, Kelso’s girlfriend on That ’70s Show, and Isabelle Tyler in The 4400. Her indie film credits include Who Do You Love, with Alessandro Nivola, in which she did her own singing while playing the character of a heroin-addicted lounge singer. She currently stars opposite Don Cheadle in Showtime’s House of Lies.


This week, a writerly round-up related to geography, working spaces, and literary retreats, with an emphasis on the idyllic.

We begin in Sirenland, an exclusive annual writers’ retreat founded by American author Dani Shapiro and conducted in the absurdly photogenic seaside village of Positano, Italy.  From a profile by Maria Shollenbarger in The Financial Times:

A round-up of high quality tweets from people in the world of literature…

 Amelia Gray:


Yesterday Harvey Weinstein announced that he’s rejecting the “R” rating the MPAA assigned to The Weinstein Company’s unflinching look at peer abuse in the documentary film Bully despite the fact that the film is intended for the under-17-year-old demographic it documents.  Here’s a quick clip:



Unclear about all of this?  Over at the Washington Post, Ezra Klein cuts through the static and offers up a comprehensive breakdown of this week’s Supreme Court review of the Affordable Care Act.

Health reform opponents contend that the decision not to do something — namely, not buy health insurance — is economic inactivity, rather than activity, and therefore not a behavior the federal government can regulate. Health reform supporters argue that the decision to not purchase health insurance has an economic effect. An individual without coverage, for example, may not have the money to pay for an emergency room visit, sticking hospitals or taxpayers with the bill.

You all know the story. Warlord. Video. Earnest Ugandan Relief spokesman. 80 million hits. New possibilities for social media as a tool of good.

And then the second story.

This atypically mild take from the Melbourne Herald Sun:


“Mr Russell, 33, was taken to hospital last week after being spotted by passers-by ‘running in the street, interfering with traffic, screaming; one person said that he was naked and masturbating,’ a police spokeswoman said.