Matthew Daddona MATTHEW DADDONA is an editor at Dey Street Books, where he edits nonfiction in the categories of narrative journalism, pop culture, music, and sports. As a freelance journalist, poet, and fiction writer, he has published work in Tin House, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus, Gigantic, Outside Magazine, Slice, The Adirondack Review, The Southampton Review, Forklift, Ohio, and LitHub, among other places. For three years he was a founding member of FLASHPOINT NYC, a prose performance group, and he currently co-hosts the Manhattan reading series “Kill Genre,” in which writers test their skills across multiple genres. He lives in Brooklyn.

Recent Work By Matthew Daddona

In all those years having never really spoken it
except in classrooms and once or twice
in Spain as a young woman trying to impress
her advisors or of course
having spoken it in pleasantries
between friends—muy bien gracias y tu
who don’t speak Spanish
like she does but could, she thinks of all those years
having never dreamt in Spanish either
and how those dreams would have played
out had she been able to talk
to men in a language
that would’ve been foreign to them