Mark Brooks MARK BROOKS is a writer, director and musician born in Denver, Colorado. As a teenager, Brooks co-founded the influential rap punk band Warlock Pinchers and released three full-length albums, several singles and toured the country. When the Pinchers broke up, Brooks co-founded the band Foreskin 500, releasing three full-length albums, several singles and touring the country as well.

After Foreskin 500 ceased touring, Brooks moved to Los Angeles initially to produce records but ended up working in film and television. Among his credits are writing and directing the feature film Lil’ Pimp starring Bernie Mac and William Shatner, directing The Slim Shady Show starring Eminem, and directing the “Fruity Oaty Bars” segment of Joss Whedon’s Serenity.

Concurrently, Brooks has also been writing and performing music under the name MegaJive which has been featured in the shows/films It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Californication, Mad Money, Men of a Certain Age, Damages, Blonde Ambition, The Riches, and Las Vegas to name a few.

Most recently, Brooks has been directing the death metal comedy Metalocalypse for Adult Swim, writing/directing the short film “Playing With Dolls” included on Slayer’s CD World Painted Blood, and directing the Melvins “Electric Flower” video.

Recent Work By Mark Brooks

Please explain what just happened.

I just went on a road trip to go see Foreigner.


What is your earliest memory?

Wanting to get out of my crib because I had stuff to do.  Seriously.