Liz Rosenberg LIZ ROSENBERG is the author, most recently, of the novel THE LAWS OF GRAVITY, just out in May from Amazon Publishers. She has also published books of poetry, books for young readers, and one previous novel, HOME REPAIR (HarperCollins). Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Paris Review and elsewhere. She teaches at Binghamton University, and is the recipient of a 2014 Fulbright Fellowship.

Recent Work By Liz Rosenberg


The first time I had a full-blown episode of depression I was seven years old. I knew that this was odd, but I was used to oddity. My sister had taught me to read when I was two, so I had become a parlor trick prodigy, marched in and out of rooms at my elementary school and made to read aloud to the “big boys and girls.”  I had the vague uncomfortable sense that I was being used to shame these kids, so I tried to underplay my performance. In return I was petted, praised, invited to eat my lunch with the huge sixth graders and generally protected.