Deirdre Sugiuchi DEIRDRE SUGIUCHI ditched her native Mississippi Delta for Athens, GA, where she periodically reports on the rock and roll scene. Sugiuchi spends most of her free time in her '58 Mercury studio, working on her teenage boot camp captivity narrative, Unreformed, which explores the mind control and ritual abuse she and her peers were subjected to at Escuela Caribe, an evangelical Christian reform school in the Dominican Republic.

Sugiuchi is grateful to have her work supported by the Edward F. Albee Foundation (2007, 2009), Wildacres (2008), and the Hambidge Center (2009, 2012, 2013). She was a 2008 recipient of the Mark Austin Segura Prize for Nonfiction and a 2010 fellow of the Red Clay Writers Project. In 2012 and 2013, Sugiuchi participated in the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop, studying with Steve Almond, Jodi Angel, and Stephen Elliott.

Sugiuchi co-curates the New Town Revue, an Athens, GA music and literature series. Her work has been featured in the Outlet, Guernica, the Rumpus, Marco Polo Arts Mag, Flagpole Magazine and other places. Sugiuchi serves on the board of Girls Rock Athens. She's also a school librarian.

Recent Work By Deirdre Sugiuchi


Few writers can crawl into a character’s head like Mary Miller. In her 2009 short story collection, Big World, Miller’s protagonists were predominately young women in their twenties.  With her new novel, The Last Days of California, Miller channels fifteen-year-old Jess, trapped in the back of the family car with her secretly pregnant sister Elise, embarking on a road trip from Montgomery, Alabama to California.  Their father’s goal is for them to arrive within four days so they can be among the last American families to be raptured.  Along the way, he encourages the family to witness even though “He didn’t really want all 7 billion people on the planet to be saved.  We wouldn’t be special then.  We wouldn’t be the chosen ones.”

Miller is a recent graduate of the University of Texas’ Michener Center for Writers. She’s returning to her native Mississippi in the fall to serve as the Grisham Writer in Residence at Ole Miss. We discussed fantasizing about fundamentalism, writing realistically about teenage sex, and why she can’t quit Mississippi.